Sample web interface for

bsrender 1.0-dev-21

using data from Gaia DR3
and supplemental bright stars

Rendering server

Shareable Settings URL
Star Filters

123 bright stars not included in the Gaia dataset

Extinction Removal
From Gaia DR3 GSP-Phot
Caution: effects may be exaggerated for some stars

camera Options


Camera Bandpass Filters
Wavelength in nm
Red -
Green -
Blue -
Caution: Airy disk extent (radius cutoff) is autoscaled
for each star. A large number of overexposed stars can
drastically increase rendering time

min 0.3
max 1000
max 3
0.0 - 0.99
Useful when combining images into video
or simulating cameras with AA filters

0.5 - 2.0

Recommended blur is 1 / (4 * scaling) when downscaling

Post-processing (before blur/resize)

2 - 10

*pre_limit_intensity is disabled automatically
when an HDR color profile is selected

0 - 100


PNG, JPG formats use open source ICC profiles.
EXR, AVIF formats use built-in signaling in the container.
Rec. 2100PQ ICC profile is experimental and will appear
washed out if viewer does not support cicp/lumi tags